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    This is the pass #1 at setting up a page to help Amigans patch their AmigaOS 3.9 past the official BoingBag #3. This information was provided by a member of who wishes to remain anonymous. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. remains a great site to get help with you Amiga.
Should someone out there be capable of creating a script for all of this. I'm sure it would help out new and returning users who may not be as skilled as some of us. I'd be happy to host the script.

Edit: Gulliver's post - I'll be editing this and if legal be putting copies of the files onto my site to avoid broken links in the future. 
AmigaOS 3.9 Boing Bag #3

AmigaOS 3.9 Boing Bag #3


Well, it seems pretty clear now that (May 29th, 2008), Amiga Inc is going nowhere, and there is not even a clear path of upgrade for Classic Amiga 68k users. So I decided to recreate an Amiga Boing Bag list that could include nearly all current semi-official patches for 3.9. Caution has been taken to avoid the use of patches that may cause problems, but then i can guarantee nothing.

This Boing Bag has been tested on both an A1200 and UAE with different configurations, and it works beatifully!
A word of warning: This list was created in an attempt to create a post AmigaOS 3.9 boing
bag #2 update, its proper installation requires of a skilled Amiga user!

For futher details keep on reading this document.



AHI 6:

AMPlifier 2.35

XADmaster V12.1a + XADmaster.key

AWeb APL Lite 3.5 (version 3.5.09)

Action (MooVId)
At you will find somewhere, a file named "3ivx1d3_codec_68k Moovid.lha"
that is the 3iv1 Delta 3 codec distribution for 68k Amigas


Serial.device v43.7 is buggy and is causing modem connection problems. Use previous serial.device v43.4, which allows you to connect fine.

There are two sets of printer drivers on the 3.9 CD:
The drivers in: AmigaOS3.9:Emergency-Boot/Devs/Printers/ are the original drivers from the OS 3.5 CD, and should work fine.
The drivers in: AmigaOS3.9:OS-Version3.9/Workbench3.9/Storage/Printers/ are from Boing Bag 1, and are known to be buggy.

For omniscsi.device users, there is a bug in PlayCD, and a workaround called "playcdkludge" should be available at


Amigaguide.datatype 45.6 - Fixes race condition with amigaguide.datatype V45.5: some guide
documents are not displayed properly if their size is odd.
A fix for this is in

Icon.library 45.4 - Icon/Copy takes ICONCTRLA_SetGlobalMaxNameLength into account now, plus many fixes, no more memory leaks using Deficons tool etc.
A fix for this is in

MultiView 45.10 - Many fixes
A fix for this is in

Rexxsyslib.library 44.2 - fixes longword write into unallocated memory
A fix for this is in

Workbench.library 45.131 - Too many fixes
A fix for this is in

The CacheCDFS shipped in OS 3.9 always mounts a CD as "Unnamed" if its
name consists of identical characters (e.g. "Q", "GG", "WWW", ...).
A fix for this is in inside the file CacheCDFS4220p.lha


Scsci.device 43.45- Adds proper LBA48 IDE support, so disks upto 144 petabytes (144,000,000 gigabytes)can be used. NOTE:HDToolbox works fine (at least up to 160GB) Some version create stupid default partitions but just manually delete them before creating "real" partitions. It also fixes a bug that overwrites memory past the allocated bytes.
A fix for this is in in the file named SCSI4345p.lha

Shell 45.27 - Too many bugfixes to list
A fix for this is in in the file named ShellUpdate.lha

RAM-Handler 44.23 - Fixes the RAM disk to show the real size occupied - its no longer
100% full. A fix for this is in

Console.device 44.10 - Fixed bug with rp_Font usage; console caches rp_Font of last opener's window in its own device base and could make use of it even after that window was closed. This could lead to race conditions such as accessing unallocated memory. For safety, this cached rp_Font copy is reset to gb_DefaultFont on each CloseDevice() now. It also fixes an ancient bug of console.device which doesn't reset text styles on CSI0m if aSDSS command was used.
A fix for this is in

FastFileSystem 45.14 - fixes mismatched memory deallocations of FastFileSystem V45.13
A fix for this is in


I hope someday someone can actually create an automated install script that installs all of this stuff!
If you happen to develop or meet by chance a cool and friendly AmigaOS 3.9 patch, then dont hesitate to add it to this list.
Hopefully i might release an AmigaOS 3.9 Boing Bag 3 contribution software list (Some usefull 3rd party software for 3.9).


Harry Sintonen
Peter Keunecke
Toni Wilen
Chris Hodges
Thomas Richter
Mikolaj Calusinski


I wish to remain anonymous, i am doing this as a contribution to our small Amiga
community. I hope someone finds it usefull.