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Some of What We Do
  1. Computer Repair and Upgrades
    Computer Repair and Upgrades
    From a basic operating system clean up to hardware replacement we are your source for expert repairs and upgrades. Need to replace that old computer, we can help transfer your data and either custom build or help you select an off the shelf product.
  2. Network Installations
    Network Installations
    We can help you install, upgrade, or expand your wired or wireless Ethernet network. From a single new network run to an entire new site installation. We can also help adding new devices to your network including new entertainment devices like home theater.
  3. Media Digitization
    Media Digitization
    Preserve those old memories before they degrade and are no longer viewable. We can convert VHS, Cassettes, and 45/33 records using our own quality equipment. If you have other the device used to create the media, we can use your device to convert them.
  4. Video Editing
    Video Editing
    We can edit those old newly digitized tapes or already digital video footage to add titles, remove unwanted footage, add visual transitions between scenes, or play two video clips at one time. We can also then create DVDs or BluRays of your new movie.