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 A collection of interest is a collection of seemingly unrelated web content. All tied together by me. The goal is to offer some basic online services that others in my area would find useful. Including but not limited to a free basic classifieds service, discussion groups for hobbyists, BLOGs and a collection of media related to school productions. I hope you'll take some time to explore; You might just find yourself at home and decide to stay.
   Concerts & Musicals
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Welcome Student of the Arts at Pulaski Elementary***
First let me clearly state that this site is in no way officially associated with the Pulaski CSD.

     I have set up this page to allow students who have participated in concerts and musicals to enjoy recordings of their works.

Thank you for your interest. We still have most musicals available for purchase. We ask that you have some form of personal relationship with a member of the show or be a student of the school to order. Please see the following page to check the availability of the show you want and to print an order form. 
***The footage here is intended for the personal private use of the students Pulaski or family members who have some relationship to these productions. You may not sell or use this footage in any other production.